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At Soronen, Donley, Patterson CPA's PC, we provide audits and reviews to clarify your company's financial standing. After a completed audit or review, the financial statements you receive can provide insights into your organization's status, expenses, and internal efficiency. When you receive an audit or review from our reliable CPAs, you can trust that our team puts in the time and the work to run an authoritative and complete evaluation.

Whether you run a privately-owned business, represent a nonprofit, or run a government department, we have the skillset and experience to assist you. Our firm has provided audits to countless companies over the years and looks forward to working alongside you. Get in touch with Soronen, Donley, Patterson CPA's PC in Grand Junction today about your free initial consultation!

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What is an Audit or Review?

businessman working with calculatorReviews and audits are two effective ways to check the accuracy of your financial records. They offer two levels of thorough examination to fit your organization's specific needs.

An audit provides you, your company's executives, and potential investors with an exhaustive financial evaluation. An audit includes a systematic and complete analysis of your business's accounts, records, vouchers, and documents.

As independent auditors, we check for any discrepancies between accounts, review your internal controls, and accumulate suggestions for improvement. An audit may take more time to complete than a compilation or review, but the finalized statement's authority and breakdown of your company's financial position are worth the investment.

A review is less exhaustive than an audit but still provides limited assurance that your accounts comply with standard accounting principles. We perform analytical accounting procedures on your company's data to check that there are no obvious errors or misstatements.

We are committed to providing you fair, unbiased results. As an independent CPA firm you can trust that our conclusions align solely with your company's data and status.

Why Would I Want an Audit?

There are many reasons you may consider receiving an audit for your company, nonprofit, or government institution. Some nonprofit organizations are required by state or federal law to conduct an audit to maintain their nonprofit status. This obligation is typically tied to the size of the organization's finances or money source. We are happy to provide your nonprofit with an audit to give your leadership a sense of how your organization performs and help you protect your status.

Your company's executives or board of directors may request an audit to better grasp your internal controls and efficiency. We can break down our findings to provide your business's leadership with actionable insights that can immediately be used to optimize your operating procedures and structure.

Why Would I Want a Review?

accountant using tablet in officeA review statement can be useful to you and your company's executives in several ways. Your bank may require a review before offering you a loan. Many banks use financial reviews to verify they are making safe investments and that your company is in good standing. For the same reason, potential shareholders or business partners may request a review as assurance that your company's financial statements are compliant with GAAP.

Reviews enhance confidence that your business or nonprofit is financially sound. They also help you understand exactly where your company stands financially, thus allowing you to take aim at your upcoming fiscal targets.

5 Ways an Audit from Our CPAs Can Benefit You

By taking advantage of our decades of accounting and industry experience, you can benefit from:

  1. A trustworthy examination: When a potential creditor, bank, or partner requests an audit of your institution, you will likely need an external audit. We are happy to review an existing assertion of your company's standing. If there is already an internal review of your company, we comb through your records, accounts, and documents to see if the data upholds your initial conclusion. Our statement provides unbiased confirmation of your internal audit.
  2. An accurate assessment of your business's efficiency: Audits are excellent at highlighting which areas of your business are performing at or below expectations. We review your income statements across several years to analyze your revenue and expense balances. Your completed audit can help your company's management decide which aspects of your business need reinforcement.
  3. Clearly identified areas of risk: We take the time to run an extensive review of your company's cash balance and reconciliation. By delving into your company's finances, we can spot instances of potential fraud, unprocessed checks, and incorrect payments. By examining your monthly bank reconciliations, we highlight risks to your company's financial standing that you can then address.
  4. Scrutiny of your internal controls: Your internal controls are implemented to create financial statements and safeguard assets from theft. We identify any potential flaws in your controls in our finalized report so that they can be promptly corrected.
  5. Confirmation that your statements follow accounting rules: Your financial statements must be prepared per a set of accounting rules. We confirm whether your statements align with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP).

Reliable Audits & Review Statements in Grand Junction

When it comes to assessing your organization's performance and highlighting areas of growth, improvement, and risk, our CPAs are expertly equipped to assist you. We look forward to providing you with actionable statements that you can use to strengthen internal controls, assist struggling departments, and manage cash flow. Contact Soronen, Donley, Patterson CPA's PC at our Grand Junction office today so we can get started on your company's audit or review!

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About Us

Dave Patterson, CPA is the audit and financial statement partner and has been doing audits on the Western Slope for over 30 years, specializing mostly in non-profit and construction industries.

Wily Corey, CPA joined the SDP team in 2014 as an intern, and after graduation, found a niche in the audit part of our firm. Our team has thoroughly enjoyed working with our audit clients and would like to focus on developing more of an audit division in our practice.

We feel that we provide an excellent service and would love the opportunity to work with more clients in the always changing financial world.

Dave Patterson, CPA Willy Corey, CPA



 “Soronen, Donley, Patterson has provided full accounting and audit services to JGMS since 2002 and we continue to use them year in, and year out, because of their professionalism, knowledge, and expertise of government contract accounting. Since the beginning of our relationship, Soronen, Donley, Patterson has gone above and beyond to understand our business sector and ensure that we are meeting regulatory and statutory requirements. They are an integral part of our business success”

–Jerome Gonzales- President/CEO of JGMS Inc.

Dave and Willy are dedicated professionals who take their roles seriously and are always looking for ways to help us improve our process and our results. We highly value that GJCPA has in depth knowledge of and experience with of how Habitat affiliates and ReStores work… making the overall audit and their insights far more beneficial.”

 –Scott Gilbert-President of Habitat Roaring Fork

Honesty and integrity.  The team is always extremely professional to work with, allows my team to ask questions not only during the audit but also every other day of the year to ensure that we understand new regulations and are implementing them correctly.  Your team takes the time to get to know us – not only our business model but also our people.”

-Jeni Brown- JGMS, Inc.

We enjoy the ease of working relationship between your organization and HFHMC’s staff members. The clear and concise instructions that you provide along with explaining what you need on the days we have you on-site and the prep work that you require makes the audit go smoothly and fast.

-Janet Brink - Executive Director for Habitat for Humanity of Mesa County

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