Effective Grand Junction Payroll Services

Regardless of your company's line of business, having a functional payroll system is essential to your operations. When you choose to partner with Soronen, Donley, Patterson CPA's PC for your payroll needs, you can have confidence in our team to handle your quarterly reporting, payroll taxes, paychecks, and much more. By taking advantage of our considerable experience and accounting systems, you free up time to focus on your employees, product, and personal goals.

Since 1982, our experts have assisted entrepreneurs just like you with our range of affordable payroll services. We're passionate about helping your small businesses develop and continually work towards your financial success. Our team is thorough, honest, and committed to providing the streamlined accounting experience you deserve. We can't wait to hear from you, so get in touch with Soronen, Donley, Patterson CPA's PC in Grand Junction today regarding your free initial consultation!

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What is Payroll & Why is it Important?

top view of business people shaking handsWhen used broadly, payroll refers to the process of paying your business's employees. The term payroll additionally covers elements such as paycheck distribution, annual staff wages, tax withholdings, and your company's financial records of employees.

It's easier than ever to keep track of your company's payroll status with modern accounting systems. When you implement an efficient payroll system, you can consistently compensate your team for their hard work with correct, timely paychecks. By taking advantage of our team's troubleshooting skills, thorough oversights, and attention to detail, you and your employees are protected throughout the calendar year.

Our In-House Payroll Services

Soronen, Donley, Patterson CPA's PC provides a range of payroll services to match your company's unique needs. Whether you're looking for a reliable Grand Junction CPA managed payroll system or require assistance deciphering your payroll taxes, we're ready to help. We can support you by:

  • Establishing Direct Deposit Accounts: Direct deposit accounts allow you to efficiently deposit paychecks directly into an employee's account without needing to print out stacks of paper checks. Many employers elect to use direct deposit accounts to simplify their payroll process. Our team can help you open direct deposit accounts for your employees and ensure that their paychecks are received electronically.
  • Picking Up or Mailing Physical Checks: If your company uses traditional paper checks, we can assist you with processing and distribution. Depending on your needs, we can handle the entire process in-house, mail your checks out, or distribute them through your office.
  • Managing Withholdings: Your business is obligated to withhold payroll taxes from the bonuses, salaries, and wages of your employees. Our CPAs calculate the tax exemptions and correct withholdings for all of your employees, so they receive the proper wages on payday.
  • Filing Quarterly Reports: Our team analyzes your situation to determine which forms you need to file payroll taxes. We're able to file reports on state and federal payroll taxes, taxes withheld from employee paychecks, and taxes your company contributes.
  • Handling W-2 Forms: If you're unsure how to fill out W-2 forms for your employees correctly, we're happy to help. Our team guides you through the process, so you can feel confident that your employees are well taken care of. We'll make sure you have the correct number of forms and check that the information reported is accurate.

Keeping You in Compliance with Payroll Taxes

finance team analyzing spreadsheetIt can be quite challenging to consider all the withholdings that are taken out with an employee's payroll taxes. Withholdings from an employee's gross pay may potentially include federal income tax, state income tax, the employee percentage of Social Security taxes, court-ordered withholdings, and the employee percentage of Medicare taxes.

We pay careful attention to make sure that your employees have the correct amount deducted from their gross pay. Our oversight ensures your employees are fairly compensated for their work while keeping you in strict compliance with IRS rules. By taking advantage of our firm's decades of experience working with business owners, you protect yourself from costly IRS penalties and fines for failing to withhold the correct amount in taxes.

Meeting Your Needs with Trustworthy Payroll Services

Managing your company's payroll properly is essential, as it greatly influences your ability to function on a regular basis. Our team helps your employees get paid on time, makes sure payroll taxes are calculated correctly, checks that the proper forms are filed, and much more. When you partner with our friendly experts at Soronen, Donley, Patterson CPA's PC, you can trust that your obligations to the IRS are met, and your team is taken care of. Contact us at our Grand Junction office today so we can begin working towards your success!

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